New Management Company

Effective January 1, 2021, Victoria Grove is managed by:

StoneKastle Community Management


181 S. Old Springs Rd., Anaheim Hills, CA 92808

Community Manager: Jolene Horn-Ceballos


Hello Victoria Grove Residents!

Please be advised that the gate codes have been updated. To obtain the updated gate codes please refer to ComWeb, where it is posted under ‘Homeowner Forms’, or reach out to the Management Company at 714-395-5245. A notice was included with May statement and another will be sent with July’s.

Community Wide Concrete Repair 6/1/21

Hello Neighbors!

The Association will be grinding down and repairing concrete throughout the Community. We ask for all Homeowners to inspect their concrete in front of their home as some Homeowner trees are causing concrete to lift. To ensure the longevity of the repairs please remove any trees that have caused damage by July 15, 2021.

Concrete Repair Update 6/8/21

Hello Neighbors!!

You may have noticed LaBelle Marvin on site marking the streets and doing other surveying. This is the consultant that the Association hired to create the needed scope of work for the upcoming street project. They will be on site taking samplings of the street and other surveys to ensure the street scope of work is correct and thorough. You may notice small sections of the street that have been removed, this is part of the sampling and nothing to be alarmed over. This should not impede the flow of traffic or your ability to enter and exit your home.

We thank you for your patience as we endeavor to take on this next project for the community. If you have questions please feel free to contact StoneKastle and they will be glad to help in any way they can.

Have a great day!!

Community Tree Care 7/2/21

Please click here to view the scheduled tree trimming to start July 7th, 2021.

Land Tax Update 6/10/21

Victoria Grove Residents,

As some of you may be aware there are a few pieces of land within the community that are owned by the developer and private parties. The Board has worked with Shea Homes to have them  pay the back taxes on the lots owned by them and to transfer ownership to the HOA. A point of clarification, once the lots are transferred to the HOA their will no longer be yearly taxes required on these lots. There are two other parcels of land that are owned by Victoria Partners, this corporation has been dissolved and as such the Board has paid the taxes so the land is not sold at auction. We are  working with the attorney for a long term plan to obtain ownership of these lots a well.

We hope you all have a wonderful day!



Dear Homeowners,

Please be advised that StoneKastle Community Management Inc. has implemented a new Community Portal through ComWeb Portal. All Homeowners are advised to sign up as the website will eventually be shut down. We will be sending out various portal invitations through email beforehand, however if you do not receive an invitation please email the Assistant Community Manager, Hannah, at so she can send you an invite.


Hello Neighbors!!

We wanted to give an update on the pool entry system; we received notice that owners are now able to gain access with their FOBS. SST (the entry system vendor) was able to restore connectivity as of yesterday and all seems to be well. We are now working on the gate between Blackburn and the pool, as this gate seems to now be having an issue. The vendor has been notified and we are hopeful this issue will be resolved shortly.

Lastly, we are still working through the owner accounts that come over with a balance from prior management. The Board voted to remove all fees and fines from prior management, if your account is not with the collection attorney. If your account is currently with the collection attorney we are not able to remove the collection fees as they are hard cost to the Association. Please keep in mind if your balance is past due assessments those amounts will still have to be paid. We encourage you to get any past due assessment amounts paid ASAP as the Association will be re-starting collection proceedings soon, at which time fees will start collection on your account. This will be for any assessment amount not any fees or fines.  

We thank you so much for what you do to make VCMA a great place to live!!


Dear VGMA Owner,

We understand the confusion/frustration with the recent March billing showing large balance forward amounts, please know this is from our prior management company and StoneKastle is trying to straighten the accounting out. Please pay your regular assessment only until the Board and SK can figure out how best to straighten the accounting out. Please e-mail our community manger at to bring up concerns on your account, she will review your account and add you to the list. We will be discussing our game plan at the March Meeting and will have a better idea of what will be done moving forward.

Community Manager: Jolene Horn-Ceballos

Assistant Community Manager: Hannah Tomblin 

Motorized Vehicles within the Community 4/28/21

Greetings friends and neighbors!! It has come to our attention that we have several individuals ridding off road motorcycles, mini bikes, golf carts and other motorized vehicles  on the community sidewalks, grass areas and common area amenities. This activity can be very dangers as most of the drivers are unlicensed and driving recklessly throughout these areas. Also the tires of these “vehicles” can cause damage to the fields/common areas. We have had reports of residents in our community driving motor bikes on the water district land which has resulted in damage to owners homes from the rocks hitting their buildings, this includes broken windows, sliding glass doors and damaged paint/wood. As you can tell this is a very serious issue of safety and property damage.

We ask that this activity cease immediately to mitigate the damages and safety concern moving forward. We will be prosecuting residents that are found in violation of this, the guilty resident will also be responsible for all costs to property as a result of their failure to follow this rule.

We thank you in advance for your help in this matter!!!

Restroom Key Notice 6/1/21

Hello Victoria Grove Residents!

Management has been working to resolve the issues with the restroom locks, the doors have been rekeyed, but we noticed there are a few different versions of keys circulating. If your restroom key does not work please email, the Assistant Manager, so she can get you a replacement key. Please also note that the pool hours have been updated, it will now be open until 10:00 PM, updated rules have been posted by the pool and Community websites.

Candidate Registration Form

Dear Homeowners,

The Candidate Registration form has been posted on the Portal under ‘Homeowner Forms’ as well as at this link. Per Civil Code there will also be one sent to you through the U.S. Postal Service.

Upcoming Street Project

Please click here for the notice in regards to the upcoming street project.

June 2021 Newsletter

Please click here for the June 2021 Newsletter.

Rodent and Insect Treatment Notification

Please click here for the July 2021 Pesticide Treatment Notification.

Southern California Covid-19 Update – November 17, 2020

Please click here for the latest (November 2020) state restrictions for Southern California.

For Pool Rules and Restrictions please see below:

Pool Use During Covid-19

La Sierra Avenue Rehabilitation Project

The Riverside County Transportation Department is rehabilitating and resurfacing La Sierra Avenue from Cajalco Road to El Sobrante Road beginning September 18, 2020. Click Here for more information. 

Time to clean out those garages and closets. The Victoria Grove Community will be holding a community wide garage sale on Saturday, April 24th, 2021, 8:00 AM – 12:00 Noon. View flyer Here

Pool Facility 6/1/21

The Pool Facility is now open from 7am – 10pm.  The new COVID-19 rules can be viewed by clicking here

Parking & Safety Affairs Committee

There are openings on the Park & Safety Affairs Committee. Click Here for more information if you are interested in volunteering. Please return the Committee Sign-Up Form to Encore Property Management.

Blackburn Gate

The Pedestrian gate off Blackburn Road by the pool area will be locked effective Monday July 20th.  If you use the area by the pool and need access through the gate, you will need to use your key fob to open the gate

COVID-19 6/1/21

For updates to the Covid-19 you should check the Riverside County Health Dept. For latest news at

There may be some confusion with Pandemic orders from County health department directives or from the State officials and your association. While boards must comply with applicable laws, such as the Davis-Stirling Act and Corporations Code, the associations are not enforcers of laws and ordinances issued by cities, counties and the state.. Each association board of directors may take actions on emergencies that they feel are for the health and safety of their residents.

Please click here for the Play It Safe notice from the California Government and here for further clarification on rules in regards to Community facilities.

Landscape Tip: Time for an Irrigation Check-Up

Over the next few weeks and months the weather will start to warm up and we should start seeing less rain. Now is a great time to ensure that your irrigation system is up to par and ready for regular use throughout the summer. Without getting to complicated, there are a few simple visual tests you can perform to ensure your plant material is getting the water it needs and your irrigation system is efficient. First, examine your irrigation valves to ensure they are working correctly and aren’t leaking water or showing damage. Next, take a look at your sprinkler heads and drip system to make sure they are functioning properly. Often times, dirt and/or wear and tear will cause sprinklers to break or not work to their full capacity. Lastly, make sure your irrigation timer is properly programmed for the upcoming summer months and ensure your timer is in working order.

Coyote Awareness

Reminder to all this is the time of year when coyotes start giving birth to pups, so they will be much more active during the day.  Make sure to keep pets indoors (if possible), use a fixed leash when walking your dog, secure trash, remove any pet food from outside and pickup all fallen fruit on your property. Coyotes are opportunistic omnivores, meaning a coyote’s diet depends on what is prevalent and easy to find, scavenge, or catch and kill. Coyote diets are diverse and vary throughout the year. Their diet shifts with seasonal availability of foods.  If a den is discovered contact Department of Fish and Wildlife (562) 342-7100.  If approached by a coyote  NEVER run, as they this may trigger a predator/prey response.


The California Department of Public Health issued new orders for Riverside County. Please visit the Riverside County Public Health website for further information in regards to the current Public Health Orders.