New Management Company

Effective January 1, 2021, Victoria Grove is managed by:

StoneKastle Community Management


181 S. Old Springs Rd., Anaheim Hills, CA 92808

Community Manager: Jolene Horn-Ceballos

Rodent and Insect Treatment Notification

Please click here for the February 2021 Pesticide Treatment Notification.

Construction Alert & Lane Closures

Continuous lane closure at La Sierra Ave. near Blackburn Rd., 12/7/20-12/10/20. Click for here more information. 

Southern California Covid-19 Update – November 17, 2020

Please click here for the latest (November 2020) state restrictions for Southern California.

The La Sierra Avenue Project is now completed!

Please see below for details on the completed project.

For Pool Rules and Restrictions please see below:

Pool Use During Covid-19

La Sierra Avenue Rehabilitation Project

The Riverside County Transportation Department is rehabilitating and resurfacing La Sierra Avenue from Cajalco Road to El Sobrante Road beginning September 18, 2020. Click Here for more information. 

Time to clean out those garages and closets. The Victoria Grove Community will be holding a community wide garage sale on Saturday, September 26, 2020, 8:00 AM – 12:00 Noon. View flyer Here

Pool Facility

The Pool Facility is now open from 7am – 9pm.  The new COVID-19 rules can be viewed by clicking here

2020 Election Results

Your community has elected a new Board of Directors!  Click Here to view the results of the 2020 Annual Meeting Election that took place on July 28, 2020.  Thank you to everyone who participated and cast their ballots for this election!

Parking & Safety Affairs Committee

There are openings on the Park & Safety Affairs Committee. Click Here for more information if you are interested in volunteering. Please return the Committee Sign-Up Form to Encore Property Management.

Blackburn Gate

The Pedestrian gate off Blackburn Road by the pool area will be locked effective Monday July 20th.  If you use the area by the pool and need access through the gate, you will need to use your key fob to open the gate


On July 2nd the California Department of Public Health issued new orders for Riverside County. Click  Riverside County Public Health Orders-7.2.20  for more details.

Riverside County Health News Release/ April 29, 2020 


For updates to the Covid-19 you should check the Riverside County Health Dept. For latest news at

There may be some confusion with Pandemic orders from County health department directives or from the State officials and your association. While boards must comply with applicable laws, such as the Davis-Stirling Act and Corporations Code, the associations are not enforcers of laws and ordinances issued by cities, counties and the state.. Each association board of directors may take actions on emergencies that they feel are for the health and safety of their residents.

We are not sure how long social distancing may be in place. As long as social distancing is in place your association will be holding Video Conference meetings. As Owners you are welcome to attend these meetings which will be held thru Zoom. Each agenda will have an Meeting ID along with the a password. If you have any questions about the meetings please contact Susan at

Landscape Tip: Time for an Irrigation Check-Up

Over the next few weeks and months the weather will start to warm up and we should start seeing less rain. Now is a great time to ensure that your irrigation system is up to par and ready for regular use throughout the summer. Without getting to complicated, there are a few simple visual tests you can perform to ensure your plant material is getting the water it needs and your irrigation system is efficient. First, examine your irrigation valves to ensure they are working correctly and aren’t leaking water or showing damage. Next, take a look at your sprinkler heads and drip system to make sure they are functioning properly. Often times, dirt and/or wear and tear will cause sprinklers to break or not work to their full capacity. Lastly, make sure your irrigation timer is properly programmed for the upcoming summer months and ensure your timer is in working order.

Playground Equipment Closure!

The health and safety of our residents is our highest priority.  The COVID-19 situation continues to develop rapidly, the Board of Directors would like to take a moment to communicate for precautionary measures we are closing down the playground equipment until further notice.

As part of our ongoing efforts to operate safely, we will be following the guidelines recommended by local health agencies and the US Center for Disease Control (CDC).

  • If someone is infected, anything they touch will be contaminated.  Others who are not infected will then touch those same surfaces and become infected.

We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation as it develops, and modify operations as needed.  We thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation as we navigate this pandemic together.

Coyote Awareness

Reminder to all this is the time of year when coyotes start giving birth to pups, so they will be much more active during the day.  Make sure to keep pets indoors (if possible), use a fixed leash when walking your dog, secure trash, remove any pet food from outside and pickup all fallen fruit on your property. Coyotes are opportunistic omnivores, meaning a coyote’s diet depends on what is prevalent and easy to find, scavenge, or catch and kill. Coyote diets are diverse and vary throughout the year. Their diet shifts with seasonal availability of foods.  If a den is discovered contact Department of Fish and Wildlife (562) 342-7100.  If approached by a coyote  NEVER run, as they this may trigger a predator/prey response.

Association Board Meetings

If you would like to receive the monthly Board of Directors meeting agendas via email, please click here for further information.

Community Projects

Upcoming Large Projects for the Community – Painting Wrought Iron Fencing

It has been approximately five (5) years since the fencing has been painted.  Wrought iron fencing that backs up on the rear property lines to areas considered homeowner association common area that the association maintains such as landscaping will be painted.  All fence repairs are the responsibility of the Lot Owner to repair prior to VGMA painting.  You are strongly urged to look at your rear yard wrought iron fence for repairs that need to be done and make those repairs prior the VGMA beginning the painting.  Painting most likely will begin late Spring/early Summer. Please click here to review the map.

Mailboxes & Parking

Friendly Reminder: Please do not park in front of mailboxes.  The postal service requires clear access to pull in and out of the mailbox area.  This is a postal service regulation.

2020 Census

The 2020 Census begins in March of 2020. Please Click Here for detailed information regarding this upcoming process.

You may notice census takers in your neighborhood. This is a normal part of the preparation process for the 2020 Census. Census Bureau employees will also be in the community to continue collecting information for the American Community Survey and other ongoing surveys. Please click here for additional information related to the 2020 Census.